Become a Leader in your Home, Work, Culture, Community, and Relationships 

Custom Leadership Development Coaching


For women who desire confidence, effective communication, creating connections, developing community, and impacting cultures.


Becoming a leader is not something that just happens overnight. It requires dedication to your personal growth and constant learning.

 It is a process of discovery, exploration and action. It's about you: what matters to you, what inspires you, what your dreams are, and how to get there. 

Women can achieve AMAZING things with the right support!

This six month program provides women entrepreneurs and leaders with One-on-One coaching, mentoring, and training to help you overcome obstacles, develop clarity and focus, and take your businesses and lives to the next level.

You will be provided with support, accountability, tangible tools, and a strong sense of community so you can show up consistently and powerfully in your business and life.

By taking consistent, actionable steps each week, you will be able to grow your business faster, create more meaningful work, and master the mindset that will help you break through barriers to claim and celebrate your successes. And with an emphasis on creating a vision of your ideal future, building your self-esteem, and exploring ways to achieve success in business and leadership, you will get clarity on how you can structure your work and life to best support your vision for your ideal future.

Who is this for?

• You're busy, you're doing amazing things, and you want to keep doing that. 
• You're ambitious, hardworking, and already making plans for your future success.
• You're motivated to take control of your life no matter what gets thrown your way.
• You just need the right support team to help make your dreams a reality and turn your ideas into income (or even more income)! 
• You are ready to break through barriers to claim and celebrate your strengths!
• Surviving is not good enough for you... You want to THRIVE!
• You are ready to create an extraordinary life!

The Program

Through the Women with Vision Leadership Coaching Program, you’ll be using your own personal development as the starting point for your Professional Development. Being a great leader doesn’t come from following a “how- to” manual or checklist. It starts with going deeply within. In this sense, the coaching teaches you how to walk your talk as an inspired leader within your organization and life.

Personal Development

The effectiveness of a leader is only as strong as the investment they make in their personal development. As we invest in ourselves, we begin to inspire and lead others from a place of empowered living. Personal Development will be a theme strung through nearly every subject area in this program, helping to guide us to achieving our personal and professional best.

Career Advancement Strategy

Being able to dream big in our business is important to the growth of our potential as a leader. The biggest barrier to a successful business is working too much in the operations of our business and not on the bigger picture. In our work, we will weave in your big vision and strategy in working toward your personal and professional goals.

Team + Community Relationships

Success is often determined by our relationships. There are two categories of relationships that are instrumental in effective leadership. The first is being an inspiration within your team and the second is being a catalyst within our community.

Marketing and Messaging

It’s not enough to have a great business or organization. If no one knows about it, you will never grow.

We will focus on clearly communicating and marketing your value in the marketplace.


Recognizing and understanding communication styles.

Exploring types of communication: Verbal, Nonverbal, Written, Visual Barriers to Communication


Leading and Managing Others

When leading a team it is imperative to build and nurture professional relationships. This subtle art involves having an understanding of employee motivation, an ability to actively listen and give constructive feedback, as well as skills to handle Disagreements and Conflict and Negotiations.

Action + Implementation

Planning for success in our business creates the structure we need to take action on our vision. Goal achievement only happens through regular implementation as well as assessment that our planning is creating the results we intend to achieve. 

How it Works:

Leadership Meetings

2-4x a Month

Your 90 minute “Leadership Meetings are held two to four a month with your Business Coach. This is your opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your personal and professional development. Meetings will be designed to check in on homework assigned at the previous meeting, and goals that  the client is continuously working towards. We will debrief, assess progress, make adjustments where necessary and set the course for the next two weeks.

Financial Training


You will receive Financial Training every month. Topics covered with your coach will include: Bookkeeping 101, Revenue and Expenses, Reconciling Accounts, Income Statements, Accounts Statements, Profit and Loss Statements, Payroll and Taxes, Forward Looking Cash Flow Analysis. You will also review your books and record your numbers.

Course Modules

Released Weekly

Each week’s module lesson goes live, sent directly to your inbox. Each week your assignment may include an audio, video, powerpoint, or reading. All modules are designed to deepen and enhance your learning and provide an opportunity for new challenges.

Marketing Training


You will receive monthly marketing training to learn organic and paid marketing strategy both online as well as within the local community. Together with your coach, you will set revenue goals and determine objectives to achieve them.

Mastermind Cohorts


You will meet monthly with your Business Mastermind Cohort. Your mastermind group will consist of other participants in the Women with Vision program, providing you with the additional later of built in peer support in addition to your work with the trainers and coach.

Your Coach, Nancy Buckle


My experience as a Leadership Coach spans two decades. At the age of 26, I was hired as the Staffing Director and Developmental Counselor for an organization with 200 employees. I held this position for six years and was tasked with the responsibility of shifting the organization’s leadership culture. Ie recruited, trained, supervised, and mentored over 1,000 staff members during this time. 




In addition to holding senior management positions for two companies that serviced international clients and staff, I built five businesses from the ground up since 2010. Currently, I work with highly-motivated women who are looking to advance their leadership skills in their workplace or business. The Women with Vision Custom Coaching Program has grown from the increasing interest from local women requesting this service.

Ready to Become a Leader?

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