I can’t wait to help you live a more balanced life.

You probably already gathered that from the home page, but I thought it was important to say it again. Mainly because if you’re gonna enroll in any of my trainings and give me your hard earned money, you should know that I know what I’m doing. Also, maybe you skipped reading the homepage and missed all of that awesome info.

I help clients like you navigate life with power and poise - to find balance in your busy and sometimes overwhelming life.

Right now, you may be struggling with the “typical” mid-life stresses and anxieties - raising children, navigating a career, caring for elderly parents and finding time for your spouse or partner.

It’s A LOT, right? I know that you know (or have at least heard) that it’s important to value yourself, commit to taking time for yourself and not just pay lip service to the concept, when your life is so full of things to do. 

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already have or want to have that connection between mind, body, spirit and want to live a more meaningful life. 

You want to live intentionally, happily, fully and peacefully.

You want to belong to and have an impact on your community and the world at large.

You want to stop watching time go by unremarkably, while you check things off on some list of “supposed tos”.

I’m tired of watching your soul die a little more each day.

In 2016 we were living in New Jersey with our 3 year old. My husband, an unbelievably talented artist, was spending his time in a job that was draining his creativity and spirit and my daughter and I were lucky to see him an hour a day. 

One day when he arrived home after another 90 minute commute, “Take a leap of faith with me,” I told him. “Quit your job and let’s move to my hometown in Newfoundland, Canada.”

I never dreamed his answer would be YES!

Being in a perpetual state of busy-ness seemed fine, until we had our daughter. Then I realized all that our lifestyle of “ hustle” was lacking; self-compassion, family and community.  I knew we couldn’t keep going. This suburban New Jersey life was keeping us apart and making my husband sick. 

To my surprise, he agreed to the move on the spot. A sense of relief instantly washed over me.

In 3 months we sold everything we owned headed to Canada with our SUV packed to the roof. That June we arrived in what would become our new temporary home. I would love to say that this is where we lived happily ever after, but it was just the beginning of a long journey to peace.

In the three years that followed, I built a new business that started in my basement, moved upstairs to take over the living and dining room, found short term housing in a small commercial space and finally grew into a bright and beautiful yoga studio in a brand new Wellness Centre.

Build a community designed to help others heal their souls too! To date, I have trained 100 yoga teachers across Newfoundland and the Atlantic Provinces. Many of them have join me post-training, and as a team, we have taught in our studio, at local parks, schools, hospitals, universities, for the health authority, businesses and banks.

Through my journey, I’ve discovered my dharma (soul purpose) is to build communities of women, connected to each other through self-exploration, compassion and an understanding that we are more the same then we are different. I believe that when we support and lift each other up, we can move mountains. 



As I reflected over my journey and how I could continue to be of service both to others and myself, I realized that my next step was to bring together my many years of education, training, and work in the area of Women's Wellness and Leadership and realize a dream I had been sitting on for quite some time.

Out of this came:

The Living IN-Side Out Course
Well Woman Community
The Well Woman Group Coaching Program
The Women With Vision Business and Leadership Training + Coaching Program

The response from women was immediate and fierce! They had been waiting for this! AND... I feel unbelievably fulfilled. I am doing the work I love while also nurturing my whole self.

And I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities, a new pace of life, and healing our souls. 



Just in case you like to see certificates and titles

with lots of letters, here you go:

Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from Memorial University and has 10+ years experience as a Preventative and Developmental Counsellor for Children, Families and Adults in the United States. 

Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and a Registered Naturopath (N.D.) with the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada. Currently, my Counselling and Coaching offerings are holistic in nature and they involve a blend of all of the above education, experience, and training. 

MEd. Counselling Psychology

C-IAYT = Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy

ERYT = Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

RCYT = Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance
Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Ages 2-7
Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Ages 8-13
Advanced Kids Yoga + Mindfulness
Yoga for School Based Educators
Yoga + Mindfulness for Disabilities and Differences

N.D. = Naturopath (Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching for Personal Growth)

Other Areas of Specialty/Certificates

Energetic + Emotional Healing Certificate, 
Crystal Healing Certificate, Chakra Yoga Certificate, Journal Therapy Diploma, Meditation Guide Certificate


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