Your #1 self-paced course to discovering and accepting yourself.

Do you ever feel as if you’re…?

Seeking your true self

Deserving of a self-concept makeover

Yearning for acceptance and love from within

Ready to determine your divine purpose

On the cusp of leading a more authentic life

If your answer is “YES!” to any of the questions above, then the Living IN-Side Out self-paced course is the one for you!


Unearthing the real you.

Living IN-Side Out
has been launched to empower you to lead a life that is 100% yours to enjoy.

During this course, you will embark upon an introspective journey to help you discover inner freedom and authenticity.

From clarifying your beliefs and values to identifying your true passions, you will be given the valuable tools, techniques, and strategies required to implement lasting positive changes in your everyday life. 

Designed with you in mind –
the TRUE you.

Learning to embrace authenticity has the potential to impact every aspect of life – and it all starts with Living IN-Side Out.

Featuring opportunities to reflect, gain clarification, develop courage, explore self-acceptance, and reconnect with inner love,
Living IN-Side Out is so much more than your typical self-paced course.

Intrigued? Here’s what you can expect:

•  6 jam-packed modules
•  50 engaging online lessons
•  2 supplementary workbooks
•  92 pages of additional learning materials

*PLUS* 1 week’s access to Live. Breathe. Grow. yoga on demand!


The journey from A to B.

Each Living IN-Side Out module follows a proven, step-by-step framework to help you achieve inner freedom.

To begin with, you will get in touch with your core beliefs, values, and passions (the core elements that make your uniqueness one of a kind). Then, thanks to this new self-knowledge, you will be able to determine your higher purpose and priorities – essentially everything you care about and want to achieve in life.

Once you have accomplished that, it will be time to join all the pieces together and put everything into action. You will be supported in establishing an exciting, inspiring, and compelling future based upon your newfound passion for life and determination to live authentically!

Module 1:



The first module begins with a short introduction, focusing on helping you make the most of the course. Then, we dive right in.

To connect with your authentic self, you must start by finding out who you really are. This is achieved via various methods, from analyzing your personality to discussing past experiences and influences. Once you feel you have tapped into your personal identity, become aware of your values, and grasped your deepest passions, Module 2 awaits

Module 2:

Your Self-Concept

Believe it or not, much of what you think about yourself comes down to mistaken beliefs (cultivated by both yourself and others around you).

This module exists to assist in re-evaluating your past, help form a healthy self-perspective, and provide support in building unshakeable self-esteem. In other words, it is time for your self-concept to undergo a full makeover! The benefits of this are never-ending, from increased life satisfaction to knowing WHO you are and WHAT you want to achieve.

Module 3:


Perhaps the most important part of leading an authentic life is accepting yourself, by forgiving past mistakes and developing a positive self-image.

Learning what it means to find true acceptance is a beautiful process within reach for everyone – including YOU! Throughout this powerful module, there are opportunities to learn what it means to embrace who you are, release any lingering errors, and break free from crippling self-doubt. You deserve to feel proud of every part of yourself!

Module 4:

Loving Who
You Are

Are you ready to graduate from acceptance and start loving your whole self – inside and out – on a mind, body, and soul level like never before?

It is time to stop seeking approval from others and start believing in yourself and the unlimited power you hold. Once you embrace your individuality and true potential, loving yourself on all levels – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually – you will likely realize shifts and transformations in the relationships around you!

Module 5:

Determining Your


Now that you know and love the person you are, there are endless possibilities for a future filled with authentic happiness and fulfillment.

One’s calling in life is wholly unique to them, with this module featuring strategies to help you discover and incorporate your purpose into everyday plans, goals, and life. From revealing self-reflection questions to writing and meditation tasks, Module 5 has been prepared with the intention of bringing your life’s purpose to the forefront of your mind.

Module 6:

Living Authentically
(Free to be Me)

You possess self-knowledge, you know what your priorities are, and you have unlocked your inner power. Get ready to put everything into action!

Having quashed all self-doubt stemming from past experiences and mistakes, you now realize and are within reach of the life you truly want to lead. You deserve a compelling vision for the future that excites you, directed by a strong intuition that never lets you down. This is the final step in creating a life you desire and feel inspired to lead to the fullest!

Buckle up for a life-changing course!

In exchange for giving 100% effort and commitment to the Living IN-Side Out course, you can expect dramatic changes to every aspect of your life.

Before the course, you...

✕  Act according to the harmful expectations of others

✕  Don’t 100% know yourself

✕  Are yet to unlock your true passions

✕  Lack self-esteem

✕  Hold onto past mistakes

✕  Struggle to accept yourself

Upon completing the course, you...

  No longer fear what others think

  Understand and embrace your individuality

  Welcome your true calling in life

  Possess unshakeable self-esteem

  Can move towards a brighter future 

  Love your strengths and weaknesses

"The program helped me to gain confidence in myself as a guide and a public speaker. I was able to deepen my understanding in my own time which supported my personal practice and learning journey."


"For a long time I felt like my life was out of control - chronic pain, menopause, anxiety, and working in a job for 22 years that was slowly destroying me. I felt I was just going through the motions and not really living. This taught me how to take care of myself and deal with life in a whole new perspective. I'm a work in progress, but confident enough that I decided to change careers. Life is great!"


"The program gave me the confidence and drive to work more effectively on building my business. The atmosphere felt safe, and I looked forward to celebrating and collaborating with the group regularly." 

 J. Bennett

Start creating the joyful life you deserve today!